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I'm originally from the NYC Metro, grew up in Tampa Bay Area, and spent many years in Miami where I have been able to develop a taste for weather and TV.

My first experience in TV was in Tampa where I interned during high school.  Afterwards, I left the Suncoast for Hurricane Alley to study weather at the University of Miami while at the same time earning a second bachelor's degree from Mississippi State University.  I worked at UM's Rosensteil School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, an institution known for it's research.  A final TV internship in Miami solidified my interest in broadcasting.  I've been lucky enough to work in all 3 of my "home" cities from WFOR-TV in Miami to WTSP-TV in Tampa and NBC WeatherPlus in the NYC Metro.  Additionally, I have a passion for chasing hurricanes and tropical storms, but I've also chased snow in the north and storms in the plains for a well balanced diet.